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Titanium Stiffeners

Folded Titanium Stiffeners- We stock .062 board thickness, 3/8" on the card every inch from 3" to 12"

Welded Titanium Stiffeners-  We can make any board thickness up to .095".  3/8 on the card  up to 12" long.

Custom sizes available.

Looking for a less expensive way to wave? Iggy Unlimited Precision Machine Shop may have the answer you are looking for with "titanium stiffeners." It's a great way to wave the less complicated boards without the cost of a dedicated wave pallet, giving you the support you need to prevent bowing or sagging during the wave process. The stiffeners cover areas on the edge of the PCB like gold fingers, plated holes and other areas where solder is not needed or wanted. Our stiffeners also work great as a solder dam on the leading edge of the board to avoid flooding of the PCB as it starts through the wave. We offer custom board thickness, widths and lengths in both our folded and welded titanium stiffeners. Contact Iggy Unlimited for pricing and details