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Wave Solder Pallet

We were the first to design and manufacture a dedicated wave solder pallet over 30 years ago. We at Iggy Unlimited have built our reputation by being able to design wave pallets for "the hardest to solder" PC boards. Let our team of experienced designers solve your most complicated soldering problems.

All our wave pallets can be made in three grades of high Quality EDS materials. We design custom clamping to hold perimeter components as well as large board and hard-to-reach center components.

Selective wave pallet with self locking bar clamp

Iggy Unlimited will design quality pallets in a number of different configurations such as multiple boards per pallet, Angle pallet and Incline pallet. Our talented staff is able to design customize pallets that will maximize hole fill while minimizing bridging.

Incline Pallet

Our innovative Incline Pallet allows you to wave tall backside components eliminating the use of hand soldering as well as solder pots or fountains, increasing productivity and consistency by enabling you to solder multiple boards in a single run.

All the materials feature excellent properties at elevated temperatures, low thermal conductivity, good resistance to chemical fluxes, and retains flatness over repeated cycling.